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Yelp exists to empower and protect consumers, providing them with the information they need to make a decision, whether they are looking for a mover, a brunch spot, or even a hospital. Today, in partnership with the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) and Cal Hospital Compare, we are announcing that Yelp will begin displaying maternity… Read more

You’ve heard us talk about Google’s anti-competitive practices in local search before. By manipulating search results for local business information in its favor, Google is impeding consumers’ capability to find the best information. Unluckily, using size and reach to constrain consumer choice isn’t limited to Google, and is increasingly becoming a strategy that appeals… Read more

Did you know that almost 40% of businesses that close because of a natural disaster never reopen their doors? We stand with those affected by Harvey and ask you to do the same. While the SBA has made disaster loans available to puny businesses affected, there is still greater ease work to be done. If… Read more

Labor Day is a major occasion for long-weekend getaways before the end of summer. Where is everyone getting away to? Toward figures of water – to swim, surf, boat and otherwise love the last warm-weather holiday of the year, according to Yelp data. We looked at the cities that had the largest spike in Yelp… Read more

Yelp is here for you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week – but your neighborhood might not be. Ever practice the phenomenon of being inwards a bustling neighborhood during the day, then as night falls, so do the gates outside businesses as they shut down and commuters head far away? They’re often downtowns… Read more

In case you missed it, we recently hosted a webinar introducing puny business owners to Yelp WiFi. Yelp WiFi is the newest member of the Yelp family of products. It helps you capture contact information from your customers, and lightly send them promotions and messages by leveraging your existing WiFi connection. It helps keep your customers… Read more

Yelp can be a powerful implement for finding healthcare businesses, including nursing homes and hospitals, and we’ve found that Yelp offers broader information than the industry standard HCAHPS survey. Recently, the Fresh York Times covered the issue of poor patient care at nursing homes and the challenges with implementing oversight programs. To shed more light… Read more

Now through the end of September, we’ll host four free webinars covering a multiplicity of topics. Below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of each webinar. Click the title to register for any webinar that catches your attention. We look forward to hosting you! August 30: Meet Yelp WiFi Are you presently paying to suggest free… Read more

What does it mean for you to be the Executive Sponsor of Yelp Parents? Most importantly, it lets me work with parents across all of Yelp’s offices so that I can stay connected to the issues and opportunities that are shaping their practice here. The commitment that our Yelp Parents have to keeping each other… Read more

It’s that time of year again. Students are returning to their collegiate stomping grounds for another year of academia and lechery. Some are just commencing to unpack their freshman dorm for their very first year out of the house and on their own. College can be harsh – you have tests to take, papers to write,… Read more

It’s not hard to find a plethora of career fair prep advice, and much of it touches on significant aspects. However, there are often significant details and perspectives that are left out. While this post will skim through some of the more common advice, we’ll concentrate on a Yelp perspective. Detect what we’re looking for… Read more

Pridefully titled as ‘Beer City USA’ according to USA today’s ‘Best Beer Scene’, Grand Rapids is still holding strong. In fact, Yelp Grand Rapids teamed up with the data team to create a latest list of Grand Rapids’ top-rated breweries according to Yelp in two thousand seventeen so far. Read on for the list, and hopefully be… Read more


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