Why Havelaar founder dreamed an electrical pickup truck: Japan s disaster

Why Havelaar founder wished an electrified pickup truck: Japan’s disaster

Havelaar Bison electrified pickup truck

A Canadian company by the name of Havelaar has threw its hat into the electrical pickup-truck ring with the expose of its purpose-built Bison pickup.

The launch underscores the potential many companies are attempting to tap as the market for electrified vehicles of various types resumes to grow, leisurely but surely.

Havelaar’s founder, 28-year-old Tony Han, had specific motives in mind for the Bison pickup.

One event intensely influenced his decision: Japan’s two thousand eleven earthquake and tsunami, according to CBC, which he witnessed first-hand when he was living in the country.

The destruction and aftermath of the catastrophe influenced his career path, and ultimately gave birth to the Havelaar Bison.

Following the earthquake and tsunami, which ruined the Fukushima nuclear plant among other destruction, much of Japan’s electro-stimulation grid was down for days.

Havelaar Bison electrical pickup truck

In some areas, battery-electric vehicles were pressed into service as the only available source of mobile power used by very first responders and for emergency medical facilities.

In Japan, all vehicles with onboard clean-energy storage—both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles—now have power-out connectors to facilitate such emergency use.

“[It] switched my perspective, my initial thoughts of what I dreamed to do in my life,” Han explained in an interview. “What’s better than working in improving our environment?”

Han believes pickup trucks are an significant market where electrified vehicles can succeed, and is now planning for a pilot vehicle program in 2018.

Havelaar will build one hundred Bison pickups for municipalities and utility companies, rather than attempting to find retail buyers for the very first vehicles.

That permits the company to beta-test the pickups and ensure they are capable of treating Canada’s weather and road conditions.

Havelaar Bison electrical pickup truck

Havelaar then hopes to put the Bison on sale in 2019, at something around $58,000, tho’ the final price is yet to be determined.

“The sky is indeed the limit,” Han said. “Imagine all the vehicles on the road: all of them will become electrical and we want to be early adopters.”

The Bison features a dual electric-motor setup and all-wheel drive, which the company says will match the capabilities of gasoline-powered pickups.

Specifications are not yet available, but the truck will go one hundred eighty six miles on a single charge per company estimates.

When two thousand nineteen does roll around, Havelaar will have to fend off competition from Bollinger, Workhorse, and Tesla, perhaps along with others as well.

Each of those companies says it plans to have its own dedicated electrical pickup on the market within two years as well.

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