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Passengers Pay Hefty Price for Fees Embedded In Airline Jargon

Interview of Adam Anolik for NBC Bay Area, 11/Nineteen/2016

Passenger rights when flight cancelled from CBS News

Boundaries on the amounts recoverable by Asiana crash survivors from ABC News

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Passengers of Asiana Flight two hundred fourteen will be entitled to compensation for damages under international law, but other passengers on flights that were delayed or cancelled because of the crash, will very likely not find any sort of compensation.

Vacationers unlikely to be dissuaded by Carnival Triumph crisis

The pitiful Carnival Triumph ordeal could make a lot of people wary of signing-up for cruises which means now could be a good time to get a good deal.

ConsumerWatch Bay Area Hindu Man Accidentally Served Meat Aboard Flight

A Bay Area Hindu man’s life has been dramatically altered after accidentally being served a sandwich containing meat on an airplane.

United Airlines loses 10-year-old lady

August 16, two thousand twelve SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — In a scathing letter to management at United Airlines, a Bay Area duo claims that the airline lost their daughter when she traveled as an unaccompanied minor from San Francisco to Chicago.

Call Kurtis: If An Airline Loses My Bags, Am I Owed Compensation?

A Grass Valley duo celebrated their 54th anniversary in Europe and North Africa last summer, but the airline lost their bags, causing them to cut their excursion brief.

Man fights insurance company for Costa Rica tour injuries

A former Bay Area man went to Costa Rica on a humanitarian mission, but returned with head and gam injuries. And nineteen months later he remains in a fight with the travel insurance company that he says left him stranded in a foreign country.

Utility or delivery service late? Now you can sue.

Waiting around for a utility repair or a furniture delivery can be frustrating. waiting and then the item or repair tech not displaying up is even worse.

Consumer See: Fresh Protections Flipped Out For Air Travelers

This week, fresh rules issued by the Department of Transportation will go into effect that will further protect passenger rights.

Fresh law brings hidden airport fees out of hiding

Fresh regulations go into effect tomorrow that require the airlines to expose some of the hidden fees and taxes they charge.

What we see is not always what we get when it comes to airline tickets. Here’s how things will switch beginning tomorrow.

ConsumerWatch: American Airlines Takes Months to Give Man’s Money Back

After losing $500 on an American Airlines flight, a Bay Area resident says it took him months of fighting to get his money back.

Woman gets air ticket refunded a year later

This is the story of an international courtship, one enormously patient woman, and a refund that didn’t land in a traveler’s bank account until more than a year later. And as we found out, regulations governing refunds for air travel are practically nonexistent.

Woman gets stuck at SFO for eight days over baggage fees

In just three months, U.S. Airlines raked in $1.Four billion in fees for checked baggage and ticket switches. For many travelers those fees can be an expensive annoyance, but one caused a entire lot of trouble in the life of a Sonoma County woman.

Get to Know Your Traveler’s Rights

A computer system belonging to United Airlines crashed around the country last week, causing three thousand people to be stranded at San Francisco International Airport and many more to be stuck at airports nationwide.

ConsumerWatch Adding Up All Those Airline Fees

With the travel season underway, more and more passengers are getting frustrated with added airline fees. From baggage to wireless signal access, last year the airline industry reported revenue of $22 billion from a la cart fees.

Thicker luggage is not always better

The fees airline’s charge for early check-in or extra legroom may be annoying, but it is luggage charges where you can truly get hurt. Packing for a tour has always been a hassle, but now you must be strategic. When it comes to luggage, thicker is not better.

Tips on how to re-schedule travel to Japan

If you or members of your family have travel plans to Japan, they may need to be switched. Here are some things you need to know about how to re-schedule your journey.

Travel company lags on refund after excursion is cancelled

A high school tour to Costa Rica fell apart when not enough students signed up to go. But the tour company told one family they could not get all their money back. Explorica is an educational tour company used by lots of schools for class trips. Their tours of Costa Rica have been popular in the past.

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