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Third Time’s No Charm for Car Thief

On October 23, 2012, around Four:00pm, Mallory Alexis Vaughan, nineteen of Lexington Park, took a two thousand eight Chevrolet without the permission of the possessor. The possessor reported the unauthorized use of her vehicle to police.

While investigating the theft, Vaughan returned to the scene in the stolen vehicle. Vaughan was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and while searching the stolen vehicle, subsequent to her arrest, the police located synthetic marijuana.

Vaughan was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and with possession of a managed dangerous substance and is incarcerated in the St. Mary’s County Detention Center under $Three,000 bond.

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Seems suspicious – sounds like she knows the car owners and takes them without permission as opposed to “stealing” them – beau perhaps? After an argument? Just sayin…

Regardless whether she knows the owners or not, she still shouldn’t be taking the vehicles without their permission. It’s still stealing regarless of how you look at it..

Why on earth do people still smoke synthetic marijuana? Its far more dangerous than pot and was made illegal well over a year ago. Youd be better off smoking the real deal. Maybe all that K2 has gone to her brain and made her think stealing cars is a wise decision….

well from what i’ve seen she catches people around by big lots and asks them to go buy it for her from the few places that have it hidden

Thats because potpourri is cheaper to smoke.

In the story dated 7/Nineteen it states she took her mothers car, so its not the bf’s vehicle. Looks like she may stealing/using without permission so she can go get her fix. Todays story and the one dated 9/17 talk about the same vehicle taken?

Taking something with the permission of the holder is stealing! I’m glad she got caught and hope she learns something from this. Also, even if the drugs in the car were not hers, she now has that to reaction for, as well. Personally, I’m always glad when people like this get caught.

Is she wearing a Members Only jacket? I had one in 1979

Did she have her license this time?


Each time she is taking her mothers car without permission. And her mother reports her to the police.

It looks like Fonzi’s jacket from Glad Days

Is that her Halloween costume?

OOPS! Looks like all she has is a learners Permit.


Location Stopped: N/B RT two hundred thirty five S/O RUE PURHASE RD

Contributed to Accident?: NO Private Injury?: NO

Fine: two hundred ninety Related Citation Number: 028F0ASX

Vehicle Tag: XXXXXX State: MD Vehicle Description: 08CHEV02

Advice for the youthful lady: Don’t drive any more until you purchase your own car. That way a ordinary disagreement with somebody won’t escalate into an auto theft.

It doesn’t say anything in the article about it being caused by a disagreement. It was her mother’s car according to the very first article. Based on her drug history and the fact that she was in possession of drugs at the time, it is likely she was going to get her fix.

The car belongs to her parents

No matter who the vehicle belongs to she’s obviosly a drug maniac that seems to think its ok to use someones vehicle without their permission. Nineteen years old and heading down a very devastating path in life. If the three current charges she has against her doesn’t help straighten her out then she’ll just be back out doing it again and again until they lock her up for an extended period of time. If they would just lock these losers up for a long time the very first time, maybe there wouldn’t be a 2nd, third and so on.

With the putty knife eye makeup and that tattoo she indeed shouldn’t be throwing the shocked and shaken look at the deputy when she gets busted. That makes her look even more stupid.

Why is it that people always want to make comments when someone has a tatoo or tattoos? Just because this particular loser and several others that have tattoos make ignorant choices and make the local/headline news dosen’t mean that every person who has them is a criminal.

Just like people make comments about motorcycle riders when an idiot makes the news for doing something ignorant..or like certain breed of dogs get hated on because they are the ones that make the news.

So with that being said, HATE THE DEED NOT THE BREED!

Just because someone has art on their figure, drives a motorcycle, etc…and someone goes out and makes an ignorant choice doesn’t make everyone who has the same lifestyle etc quilty.

back in one thousand nine hundred seventy six at age sixteen , i was sentenced to ten years in prison for the same thing. imagine that ! there was no bond and i set the record for being the youngest kid to hit the state penal system until terrance johnson broke it in one thousand nine hundred eighty at age fourteen for shooting two p.g. county police officers in the police station. people need to keep their keys in a safe place…

That’s one ugly mug….and all this for some fake pot

This woman is only Nineteen? She looks old as crap. Guess that’s what the drugs and fake marijuana and whatever other drugs she’s on did. Good lord, I’m glad I’m not a drug junkie, mother nature has me looking old enough I don’t need any help.

this is what drugs will do to you.

I think she was getting struck by lightning as the officer was making the arrest. That’s why her eyes are bugging out of her head.

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