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Announcing Our Latest Fundraise

It was just a little over three years ago that we sold our very first Shift car in San Francisco. Since that time, we’ve become the number one used car seller in the Bay Area, grown our team by 100x, and expanded to several fresh markets. It’s been a wild rail.

And thanks to some latest financing by leading investors, we’re in it for the long haul. Last month, BMW iVentures, DCM, G2 Ventures, Goldman Sachs, and Highland Capital invested more than $38 million in Shift’s Series C. To date, we have raised more than $110 million. Proceed reading “Announcing Our Latest Fundraise”

Hit The Road BMW Giveaway Wrap-up

On a sun-soaked mid-Bay evening last Thursday, we concluded our Shift Hit The Road summer giveaway by providing away a BMW. The winner? Wander S. of Foster City. His car of choice? A two thousand fifteen BMW X1. Proceed reading “Hit The Road BMW Giveaway Wrap-up”

8 Reasons Shift is the Simplest, Fairest Way to Buy a Used Car

From the beginning, we’ve believed that car buying should be plain and fair. In April, we wrote about our latest updates to Shift and how we’ve taken steps towards that objective.

Progress has continued in the months since, and while we aren’t anywhere close to done, I just desired to take a step back and make eight arguments for why we think that’s true: Proceed reading “8 Reasons Shift is the Simplest, Fairest Way to Buy a Used Car”

Here Are the 1st Prize Winners for the Shift Hit The Road Giveaway

Yesterday evening we drew the winners of the very first prizes for our Shift summer giveaway. Congratulations to the folks below! Proceed reading “Here Are the 1st Prize Winners for the Shift Hit The Road Giveaway”

Navdy Review: Driving with Super Powers

Even if you never drive and text, you only have to be asked so many times “do you want me to help you DJ/navigate?” by your passengers before you know you still might have a behind-the-wheel device usage problem. As a chronic (and embarrassed) checker of directions and changer of tracks while driving, I was instantaneously attracted to Navdy for its potential to make me a safer driver.

Congratulations Minnie!

It was just three years ago this month that our team sold our very first car using a fresh platform we were creating, and boom: Shift was born. But things were a lot different back in 2014. We were working out of my apartment living room and parking cars on the street (or in the Costco parking lot), and doing the sales ourselves, all because we had this crazy idea about converting the used car industry. Unnecessary to say, it was a wild very first duo of months.

Since that time, we have become the largest used-car seller in the Bay Area, built an incredible team, expanded to fresh markets, brought on board superb investors, and have thousands of blessed customers. It’s an awesome time for Shift and we are all amazingly bullish about where we are headed. Proceed reading “Congratulations Minnie!”

The nine Most Extreme Cars Available for Rent on Turo

Okay, we admit it, we’re big fans of Turo. They make possessing a car just a little bit more feasible and several of us at Shift use their service—a platform that permits car owners to rent out their cars—to make a little side income.

We’ve written about how they make limber ownership possible and their indeed interesting BMWs, so before we draw the fortunate winner of a wish weekend Turo rental, we thought we’d take a peek at the most notable and bizarre cars in their inventory. Proceed reading “The nine Most Extreme Cars Available for Rent on Turo”

Northern California’s six Best Drives and Roadtrips: Shift’s Picks

Shift is Providing Away a BMW This Summer

We gave away a car for the very first time last Thanksgiving and weren’t sure how it would go. We did it in the spirit of the season to thank our customers for making Shift the largest seller of used cars in the Bay (we’re still indeed grateful for that, thanks again to everyone who’s worked with us.) It turned out fine, and the peak driving season of summer is now here, so we’re doing it again.

The five Coolest BMWs Available for Rent on Turo

This post was co-written with Turo, who are providing away a weekend fantasy rental as part of the Hit The Road Summer BMW Giveaway. Come in now.

We work with a lot of BMWs sellers at Shift. In fact, their popularity among our customers is a big part of why we’re providing away a BMW this summer. In that spirit, we thought we’d take a look at the availability of BMWs on another platform: Turo. Proceed reading “The five Coolest BMWs Available for Rent on Turo”

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